Welcome to the World of HARDAB Drilling Rigs

We manufacture robust quality drilling rigs for geothermal, water well, and exploration drilling.
Our drilling rigs are equipped with a patented rod handling system.

Drilling Methods

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Geothermal & Water Well

From residential drilling with a 5K3 to the largest projects with a 5K6 – a HARDAB drilling rig is the right choice for your geothermal & water well needs.

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Reverse Circulation

From Canada, all the way to Europe and down to Africa – a HARDAB RC drilling rig is doing the job to find the minerals needed for a better tomorrow.

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Top hammer drilling rigs

  • Equipped with the top hammer of your choice on a HARDAB drilling rig

Contact us to tell us more about your needs.

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Your Method

Want to use a HARDAB drilling rig with your method. Contact us for a discussion.

Contact us to tell us more about your needs.

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Down-the-hole surface drilling rigs

Down-the-hole surface drilling rigs with a patented pipe handling system.

HARDAB Inventions

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Patented Pipe Handling System.

  • One motion loading pipes.
  • Patented.
  • No unnecessary sensors and no electronics.
  • New hexagonal design.
  • Spare your body from long-lasting injury and enjoy the day to the fullest without pain from lifting pipes.
  • Used and loved worldwide.


  • Easy-to-use adjusting settings and controlling side functions.
  • See important machine data including rotation RPM, diesel level and hydraulic, drill depth, air compressor pressure, and engine oil temperature.
  • Information about safety systems including activated emergency stops.
  • 13 hydraulic oil pressure points for faulty searching.
  • Over-the-air updates of software.
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Geothermal Drilling in the Nordics

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The shift taking place in large commercial, industrial & leisure buildings in the Nordic countries – moving from expensive district heating to geothermal energy – has given our customers with HARDAB 6-meter drilling rigs an edge over their competition. HARDAB customers are driving more revenue with less diesel cost for their air compressors and with one-man operations. If your market is ready for a geothermal revolution – HARDAB 6-meter drilling rigs are the choice.

Drilling rigs - 7K3 RC Drilling In Africa

Unwavering in Unforgiving Conditions

From temperatures as low as -40° C to highs of over 40° C – HARDAB drilling rigs battle the grueling conditions of the Northern Canadian winters, the salty storms of the Faroe Islands, and the cruel heat of the African Sahel. HARDAB drilling rigs refuse to back down in the face of inhospitable conditions.

World-class parts: So, you can focus on what’s important to you.

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HARDAB takes great pride in using parts from well-known manufacturers that have proven themselves on the market for decades such as Parker, Danfoss, and Hawe Hydraulik. We still design all hydraulic, PLC & electrical systems in-house so if you have a question – we have the answer.

Service second to none, directly from the people that built your drill rig.

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We are a family business that takes great pride in our drilling rigs and the fact operators like to use them. With our dedicated service and support, you can rest, assured we will service and support your business when your HARDAB drilling rig needs service.

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Our drilling rigs

Discover HARDAB’s full range of products in geothermal, water well, exploration drilling, and blasting/open pit.