Why do our rigs have three stabilizer jacks?

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HARDAB rigs have long extensions for the jacks to work on most uneven grounds.

Why do HARDAB drilling rigs only have three stabilizer legs while many of our competitors have four?

The stability of a three-legged design can be mathematically explained by considering the concept of a “center of gravity.” The center of gravity is the point at which the weight of an object is evenly distributed, and it determines the object’s balance and stability.

In the case of a three-legged stabilizer, the center of gravity is located at the intersection of the three legs. This creates a wide base of support that helps to distribute the weight of the equipment more evenly over a larger area, reducing the likelihood of the equipment tipping or becoming unstable.

In contrast, a four-legged design has a smaller base of support, which means that the weight of the equipment is concentrated over a smaller area. This can make the equipment more susceptible to tipping or becoming unstable, particularly when operating in uneven or unstable ground conditions.

Overall, the wider base of support provided by a three-legged design makes it more stable than a four-legged design, as it allows the weight of the equipment to be distributed more evenly and reduces the likelihood of the equipment tipping or becoming unstable.

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A good example of stools with three legs are hunting stools.