Optional equipment

Available for all HARDAB drilling rigs

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Stabilizer legs with a horizontal extension of 300 mm

HARDAB drilling rigs have a vertical extension of around 1 meter but many operators are discovering the benefits of horizontal extension as well. 300 mm of horizontal extension provides many benefits including fine adjustment of the positioning of the machine at the borehole.

Optional led lights

All HARDAB drilling rigs are equipped with adequate lighting to perform drilling in dark conditions but sometimes great isn’t enough good enough that’s why HARDAB offers many optional led light packages, including the Night Light Package for almost daylight conditions during nighttime drilling.

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Drilling rigs - Control Panel Movement

Manually controlled machine control panel movement up & down and/or sideways

Control the position of the manually controlled control panel with hydraulic cylinder actuation.

Rotating top winch with 360-degree slew drive and jib extension incl. hand control.

The rotating top winch with 360-degree slew drive and jib extension incl. hand control. provide greater freedom for the one-man operations to handle lifting operations.

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Drilling rigs - Large water pump

Large Water Pump

The large water pump’s patented construction is based on the hydraulic piston-to-piston principle, allowing total freedom of rotating parts, and granting outstanding durability.

Water tank

Water tanks can be mounted in line with the side cabinet by the diesel engine or at the top of the side cabinet.

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Drilling rigs - iPhone charge

Electronic device charger

Charge your phone directly at the operator control panel/maneuver table.

DTH hammer storage

Store DTH hammers safely at the front jack stabilizer.

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Air hose reel

Air hose reel for pneumatic hand tools and blow gun.

Electrical cable reel

Electrical power from the welding machine electrical generator is where you need it around the drilling rig.

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Drilling rigs - Pico lubrication pump

Automatic grease lubrication systems

Hardab provides a central lubrication station as standard but for machine owners uptime is crucial and optimal lubrication is key to preventing excessive wear and tear of pins and bushings. Automatic lubrication systems offer a number of important benefits:

Improved productivity, and resistance against dust, dirt, and environmental influences.

Grease spreads better across the surface because lubrication takes place while the moving parts are in operation

DTH drill bit grinding machine

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