Full radio control of machine functions


HARDAB introduced fully radio controlled drilling rigs all the way back in 1998 so we have deep knowledge in radio controls.
When we developed our latest fully radio-controlled system one of the main goals was for as many functions as possible to be controlled by proportionally controlled joysticks.

Drilling rigs - HARDAB Radio System with white background edited

Therefore most of the commonly used functions like tramming, quick feed, quick rotation, mast raising, mast sliding, support jacks, top winch (including jib and 360 degrees function), pipe basket, and the pipe handling system are all controlled with one of the three joysticks – all with genuine metal bearings.

To facilitate ease of use for the operator, we implemented several features in our radio-controlled system:

  1. A rotary switch on the radio transmitter allows the operator to easily select between different modes (e.g. tramming, set-up, drilling).
  2. Potentiometers for setting pressure and toggle switches for activating auto functions, which help the operator easily set drilling functions.
  3. Visual indication on both the transmitter screen and iQDrill screen of the active mode, so the operator can easily see which mode they are in.
  4. Pushbuttons on the side of the radio control allow the operator to easily activate the rig’s LED lights, beep the alarm siren, and adjust the engine speed, among other things.
  5. An additional mode that allows the operator to temporarily deactivate certain functions without turning off the radio transmitter.



Drilling rigs - 1603 header service iLOG technos 2
iLog Key

The iLOG is an electronic key that stores the system address of the radio system and other data. It offers several advantages:

  1. If the transmitter is damaged, the operator can quickly and easily activate a spare transmitter using the iLOG, preventing costly downtime.
  2. To use the iLOG, the operator simply removes it from the damaged original transmitter and plugs it into the spare transmitter. This immediately activates the spare transmitter and deactivates the original transmitter.

Overall, the iLOG is a convenient and efficient way to ensure that the radio-controlled system remains operational even if the transmitter is damaged.

Drilling rigs - 1602 tiles hbc features advanced control schemes cable control
Cable Control

The cable control option allows the radio system to quickly switch between radio operation and cable operation as needed. This offers several advantages:

  1. The radio system can be used in areas with limited radio operation.
  2. The operator can easily switch between radio and cable operation depending on the situation.

To use the cable control option, the operator simply plugs a cable into the transmitter. This establishes a direct data connection between the transmitter and receiver, deactivating the radio link and providing power to the transmitter via the cable. This allows the operator to continue using the radio system even in areas with limited radio coverage.


There are several options available to improve the visibility and usability of the radio-controlled system:

Front panel lighting: This consists of several LEDs located in the roll-over bar, display module, or on the transmitter’s front panel. These lights can improve visibility in low-light conditions.

LED flashlight: A powerful LED flashlight can be installed in the transmitter housing, allowing the operator to activate it as needed.

Continuous Power Supply (CPS): This option allows the operator to change the battery of the radio system without interrupting the power supply. If the battery is low, the system automatically switches to the built-in battery, ensuring that the radio system stays activated while the operator changes the battery.

Drilling rigs - 1903 tile front panel lightning


Drilling rigs - 1903 dimensions 03 spectrum E battery exchange 7bb0238c edited


  • Rechargeable Li-on exchange battery
  • Continuous operating time: typically, 20 hours
  • LED for the indication of operating / battery status
  • Acoustic signal to indicate low battery status
  • Transmitter vibration to indicate low battery status
Drilling rigs - Emergency Stop


Emergency Stop with PL d category 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015.

Automatic deactivation of the transmitter after 15 minutes without command input.

Protection from unauthorized use by special activation via button start sequence.

Drilling rigs - HARDAB Radio System with white background edited


Control all machine functions without delay.

As many proportional functions as possible:

  • rotation
  • feed
  • support legs
  • mast
  • winch
  • pipe handling system.

On / off is only for functions such as:

  • welding machine
  • water pump
  • claw cylinders
  • and some more functions


Drilling rigs - Radio Controller Close Up

Housing material/protection class:
Plastic housing, Protection class IP 65

Operating temperature range:
-20 °C … +70 °C
(-4 °F … +158 °F)

approx. 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs.)

183 x 372 x 230 x mm
(7.17 x 14.65 x 9.06 in.)