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Geothermal & Water Well

At HARDAB, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality geothermal and water well-drilling rigs to meet the needs of our customers. Our drilling rigs are designed with a focus on safety, reliability, and productivity.

We have a complete line of drilling rigs designed for water well drilling and other applications requiring air or mud rotary as well as down-the-hole hammer drilling methods.

HARDAB water well rigs come in a full range of pullback and pulldown capabilities. HARDAB rigs have a safe and efficient pipe handling system for true one-man operations. Standard features include such as water pump, hammer lubricator, lift winch, etc, and optional full radio-control and mud systems.  We also have the capability to design custom options to better serve the need of our customers.

Our Machine Programme

All our drilling rigs are available with a wide variety of methods including for geothermal energy, water well, down-the-hole surface drilling, reverse circulation, or for surface drilling with the top hammer of choice.

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Can’t find the drilling rig with the specification you look for? HARDAB is expanding it’s machine program and make custom drilling rigs for customers. Contact us here.