Manual control of machine functions

HARDAB manually-controlled drilling rigs together with our patented rod handling system lets drillers control the rig in a safe way at the ergonomically developed drill control panel.

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Control Lever Joystick

At the bottom of the control panel, two large hydraulic levers for running the feed and rotation are located. The levers have buttons used for activating Power Tourqe and Turbo Feed (only on 6-meter rigs).

Pressure Adjusters

Located above the large levers are the pressure adjusters for rotation and feed.

There are two pressure adjusters for rotation: one for the large lever, also known as the Quick Rotation adjuster, and one for the Work Rotation, which is activated via a two-way hydraulic valve located on the side of the control panel.

There are also pressure adjusters for Work Feed and Pull Up.

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Directional Valves

The two directional valves with levers at the control panel are made in Germany by a renowned manufacturer.

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On-off auto functions

At both sides of the control panel are cartridge control valves with a handle for turning on and off auto functions like Work Feed, Pull Up and Work Rotation.

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Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are placed at the control panel for rotation, pull-up, feed, and air pressure.

Sideways and Up/Down

Optionally sideways and/or up/down movement of the control panel can be purchased, run by hydraulic cylinders with two of the levers at the control panel. Activated at the iQDrill screen.

Sideways can move from parallel to the mast to a few centimeters from the jacks giving the operator a great deal of freedom of movement.

Up/down movement is especially useful for operators, as it allows them to adjust the position of the control panel to a comfortable level for their own use. This can be especially important in situations where the ground is rough, as it can help the operator maintain a good posture and reduce fatigue while operating the drilling rig.

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Other Features

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Air Valve

  • Conveniently placed forged ball valve with a long handle to easily adjust the airflow to the air swivel.
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  • An emergency stop with PL d category 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015. is placed at the control panel.
  • Emergency stop housing is made of metal for improved resistance to the harsh environment of drilling.
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Radio Control

  • Tramming or crawling as it is also called is performed by the means of a quality radio transmitter.