Top 5 tips for inspecting a used drilling rig

Inspecting your prospective used drilling rigs is crucial to make an informed new drill rig purchase and minimizing the risk of ugly surprises. Here are our top 5 tips for inspecting a used drilling rig. TOP 5 TIPS FOR INSPECTING A USED DRILLING RIG

Top 3 benefits of buying a used drilling rig

Buying a new drilling rig can be a big investment for machine owners and for some that investment is easier by purchasing used equipment. Here are the top 3 benefits of buying a used drilling rig according to us

Red flags when buying a used drilling rig

When purchasing used heavy equipment, it’s crucial to understand the red flags to avoid faulty equipment and keep your crew safe. A thorough test drive, where the machine is tested as if it’s performing your day-to-day tasks, is essential. It’s also important to conduct a walk-around inspection to identify any potential issues. Simply running the equipment for a few minutes won’t suffice, as it’s necessary to test it to its limit. These points might help you make a better purchase decision next time you are looking at used drilling rigs. Defective engine or excessive wear and tear: Check for signs…

Selling, buying, and trade-in used drilling rigs

SELL USED DRILLING RIGSAs your drilling business grows, you’ll likely need to expand your equipment inventory to keep up with demand. Buying used equipment can be a great option, and HARDAB and our dealers can help you find the right machine for your needs. Our dealers are dedicated to finding you equipment that is ready to work and fits within your budget. BUY YOUR USED DRILLING RIGSHARDAB dealers, also offer equipment purchasing services. When you need to sell your used heavy equipment, our dealers make the process easy and efficient. We understand the drilling industry and the selling market, so…

Why do our rigs have three stabilizer jacks?

Why do HARDAB drilling rigs only have three stabilizer legs while many of our competitors have four? The stability of a three-legged design can be mathematically explained by considering the concept of a “center of gravity.” The center of gravity is the point at which the weight of an object is evenly distributed, and it determines the object’s balance and stability. In the case of a three-legged stabilizer, the center of gravity is located at the intersection of the three legs. This creates a wide base of support that helps to distribute the weight of the equipment more evenly over…

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