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Used Drilling Rigs

Are you in the market for a drilling rig, but looking to save money? Buying a used rig can be a smart choice that expands your options without breaking the bank. However, not all used machines are created equal. It’s important to ensure you get a rig that meets your specific needs, including low usage, excellent condition, and the right configuration. That’s where HARDAB Used Drilling Rigs come in – we offer a range of rigs that meet these requirements and more, available at multiple price points to fit your budget. And, when you choose a used HARDAB drilling rig, you also get the added benefit of our patented pipe handling system. So why settle for just any used rig when you can get one that meets all your needs and more with HARDAB?

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Used drilling rigs from HARDAB offer great value and reliability.

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Drilling rigs - HARDAB 5K6 Sideview

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